18,750 Tons of Garbage Off our Beaches

I was having some fun playing around with numbers. It is amazing the amount of good that can be done even if relatively few people put their mind to something worthwhile. What if every surfer picked up a few pieces of trash every time they went to the beach? Lets play around with some numbers…. Let’s say each surfer picked up just( 2 oz )  And let’s say on average surfers go to the beach( 30) times a year, then let’s use the conservative estimate of (10 Million) surfers in the world . So we have…..

(2 oz) x (30 days/yr) = 60 oz (3.75 lb) a year per surfer

(3.75lb) x (10 million surfers) = 37 million 500 thousand pounds of trash.

18,750 Tons of garbage could be removed from our oceans every year just by this simple action, and thats only if surfers pitched in, think about what we could do if 6 billion of us put our heads together…….?