Beautifully scary

As I look at these pictures from a few weeks back during the last big swell that came through, it’s funny, the shots tuned out great, but they really fail to capture the power that was out in the water that day. The pictures look peaceful, almost relaxing…… It was anything but. The inside was a pounding frothy mess, on the outside set waves were breaking large, thick, and un predictable. It was windy and the current was strong. I was truly happy to get back on dry ground after this session. Probably not the best day to take a camera out with me, but The Wrist Pod and my Panasonic Lumix (waterproof camera) both worked great in the heavy surf, probably their most extreme test to date.
"surf camera" "waterproof surf camera" "wrist camera"

Big Rockaway

I filmed this at Rockaway a few days ago after I came in. The zoom on my Lumix TS2 is maxed out so it goes out of focus a few times, but if you look close that little spec out in the water is my buddy Wes braving some rather large sets. The currents were really strong that day, rocks on all sides and a generally erie feeling out there…….. We do this for fun?

A Windy day at Rockaway

I took these on a windy day at Rockaway beach, using my trusty Golden Hour Wrist Pod. Enjoy