Ometepe Island

Last March we had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua for a couple weeks. For the most part we had really good surf in the Popoyo region, but we did have a flat spell for a couple days so we caught the bus to Rivas and took the ferry over to Ometepe where we rented motorcycles and rode around for a couple days. It was an awesome place to visit, here is a short video I made cruising the island.

New Demo Video for the Wrist Pod

I made a new demo video for the Wrist Pod yesterday to replace the previous “Wrist Shot” video. I’m happy with how it turned out, definitely room for improvement, but a solid step in the right direction over the first. I had a little fun with some stop motion animation at the end. Enjoy!

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Sacred Craft 2011

I took a ride down to Santa Cruz last weekend for Sacred Craft. Having been to many trade shows in the past I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, would it be yet another hype fest glorifying the “lifestyle” and selling fashion, or would the show hold true to its intent to be all about the surfboard. I was pleasantly surprised, the isles were packed with beautifully designed boards of all shapes and sizes, truly something for everyone and then some. There were numerous shaping and glassing demos showcasing both tried and true traditional methods as well as some exciting eco alternatives that are beginning to gain traction. All in all a great show.

Big Rockaway

I filmed this at Rockaway a few days ago after I came in. The zoom on my Lumix TS2 is maxed out so it goes out of focus a few times, but if you look close that little spec out in the water is my buddy Wes braving some rather large sets. The currents were really strong that day, rocks on all sides and a generally erie feeling out there…….. We do this for fun?